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Application of the most appropriate method and a thorough understanding of the characteristic and geometry of a particular tank is absolutely essential. Here is where long years of experience, engineering and mathematical background is indispensable.

Guidelines are laid down by the weights & measures department and also international standards like as ISO 7507 and API standard 2552 can be followed to calibrate your tanks.

Internal inspection is carried out in tanks where it is safe to enter enabling us to measure datum plates and internal deadwood. Underground Horizontal tanks require internal measurements. Bottom plate unevenness is profiled.

All field data are fed into our computer with specific software for specific linear corrections like tape temperature corrections, thickness corrections, deadwood corrections and shell wise calculations carried out as per ISO methods and rules laid down by the Legal Metrology Dept. Complex mathematical formulae and calculations are involved in case of Horizontal tanks and spheres where volume increments increase and decrease in a non-linear manner. No averaging process is carried out as is done elsewhere.

Calibration charts are made in centimeter and liter, to the fraction of the nearest millimeter. For spirit tanks under excise gauging, tables are computed at 1 mm intervals as per rule. Calibration charts can also be given in kilograms where liquid (With known specific gravity) is measured by weight in some cases.

Tank calibration data can also be provided for SAP and other integration.

Measurements process at the site

Physical calibration process at the site in tank

Physical calibration process at the site in tank