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Excel Weighing and Gauging Services is a group engaged in Tank Calibration services to provide a comprehensive solution to our customers all over the country. We have the experience, expertise, and management systems to proactively deliver effective, efficient, and most competitive unequaled service to our clients. Internal Tank Calibration & External Tank Calibration Services – Storage tanks are not perfect cylinders. Many variables change the shape during construction and as the tank ages.

Crude oil storage tanks, Product storage tanks in Refinries

Bulk petroleum product storage in tank farms, chemical & acid storage, molasses storage, and bulk industrial alcohol storage

Large volume storage tanks for product transfer from ship in port areas

Horizontal cylindrical tanks for chemical and fuel oil storage in all processes, FMCG, allied industry, railway consumer depots

Underground horizontal storage frp or steel tanks in gas stations and petrol retail outlets

Distilleries and breweries, who are under excise bond require accuracy to a liter for their MS, SS tanks, brewing kettles, or blenders

Blending tanks with stirrers for
paint industry, lube oil blending, pharmaceutical companies, and other chemicals mixing for
exact ratio

Dip sticks of aluminium, steel or brass and dip tapes with heavy brass weight calibrated and certified

Ultrasonic thickness testing of storage tanks

Vertical Tanks

Horizontal Tanks

Elliptical Tanks

Items Required for Storage Tank Calibration Work

Govt. Statutory Fees & Inspector’s Conveyance

Scaffolding:- For Linear / Non Linear Measurement & Ultrasonic Thickness Testing and clean surroundings at tank site etc.

  • Water / Product connection with hose.
  • Pipe / Flange / Fittings / Reducer arrangement for Fitting and Fixation of water / flow meter.
  • Manhole opening should be there.
  • Clean and clear bottom.
  • Lighting arrangement if required.
  • Inlet & Outlet should be closed properly.
  • Water connection with hose.
  • Position to fit water meter with connection fittings arrangement for it from your part.
  • Tank should be boxed up and Manhole fitted.
  • Roof at working height (i.e. lower leg position).
  • Staying facilities if required during the time of floatation work.

Procedure For Vertical Storage Tank Calibration

Steps For Calibration
Steps For Floating Roof
  • Strapping (Linear & Non Linear measurement).
  • Circumference measurement of each course at least 2 per course.
  • Taking of course height and total tank height.
  • Plate thickness detection.
  • No. of joints and its step-over correction.
  • Detection of DIP reference height.
  • Safe height detection.
  • Bottom Calibration (inside the tank work).
  • Fitting water flow meter with water connection and taking reading.
  • Opening & closing for datum flush.
  • Taking datum height.
  • Water level at various places inside the tank as when required in calibration process.
  • Deadwood correction factor (+ factor and – factor) taking into consideration.
  • Height of the deck.
  • Weight of the roof.
  • Density correction.
  • Inaccurate zone detection.
  • Preparation of computerized calibration chart with CD and drawing with detail report as required.
  • Approval and certification from Govt. Statutory Body.